Ica Maxi on Tour – Swedens biggest BBQ 2017


Fifth consecutive year, it's time for our 8th tour with Ica Maxi We have changed the product a whole lot this year. So we are hoping that the customers feel even more invited and welcome to our BBQ square. As usual there will be bountiful tasting portions such as sausages, different cuts of meat, chicken [...]

Exhibition stand 13×9 m for Automässan 2017


During Automässan Templar Events delivered an exclusive and complete solution for the tire- and rim sales company Amring AB. The assignment was to come up with ideas, producing and constructing the 13x9 metres exhibition stand. We developed a 3-D sketch and production plan accordingly for the work. Then we handled the project management, production as [...]

Ica Maxi on Tour – Santa’s trip


Santa visited every Maxi store around Sweden on Coca Cola's behalf, showcasing their activities during Santa's trip We helped Coca Cola to bring up all the materials for the booth as well as trained staff who would act as Santa Claus. Santa visited his Santa throne 3 times each day and handed out Christmas presents [...]

Ica Maxi on Tour – Santa’s trip


Mondeléz gave us the assignment to create an activation on Santa's trip for Ica Maxi on Tour The purpose of Marabous involvement was to increase sales in the shops regarding their chocolate cakes, by demonstrating how to build a chocolate house! We produced all material, recruited staff, and coordinated the entire activation. A rewarding event [...]

Ica Maxi on Tour – Biggest BBQ in Sweden


We're doing it again An eleven week long tour throughout Sweden, visiting every ICA MAXI store from Haparanda up north to Trelleborg in the south. Samplings, goodie bags and loads of fun activities for the children!    

B2C – Northern offshore services – Ambulance inauguration


Inauguration of new ambulance vessel Along with the Donsö based shipping company - Northern Offshore Services, we created an opening ceremony for the inauguration of their new ambulance vessel which is to be serving the Gothenburg archipelago.

B2C – Tjörn Runt by COWI


Tjörn Runt by COWI further developed through collaboration with the event company Templar Events Starting this year, Stenungsund Yacht Club and Templar Events stand together at the helm of Tjörn Runt by COWI. Two seasoned partners with completely different backgrounds will now operate this sailing race. Contact us for further information.   You can read [...]

B2C – First certified environmentally certified touring event


"ICA Maxi on tour" beats the record and will be even greater Sweden's biggest BBQ touring to 81 sites. The first environmentally certified event Templar Events is for the third consecutive summer, responsible for the event "ICA Maxi - on tour". This year, the event has broken records with the number of events, visitors and [...]