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Exhibition stand 13×9 m for Automässan 2017

Exhibition stand 13×9 m for Automässan 20172018-12-22T00:14:30+00:00

Project Description

During Automässan Templar Events delivered an exclusive and complete solution for the tire- and rim sales company Amring AB. The assignment was to come up with ideas, producing and constructing the 13×9 metres exhibition stand. We developed a 3-D sketch and production plan accordingly for the work. Then we handled the project management, production as well as construction and tearing of the stand. The finished exhibition stand consisted of a 5 x 2,5 metres LED-wall, raised floor and custom taylored walls and display boxes. The stand was then made inviting with plants, furniture and activities to attract curious visitors.

A close and very personal cooperation that resulted in success. Professional, smooth and very relaxing for me as a customer, as I could trust my supplier 100%.

Emil Jadenberg, Marknadschef, Amring AB